Abstract Submission is now closed

Deadline for abstract submission was Aug 5th


Questions? Contact abs-help@aps.org or (301) 209-3290.

  • Contributed abstracts must be submitted online at http://abstracts.aps.org.

  • Invited speakers should refer to their letter of invitation for instructions.

  • Minisymposia speakers should submit abstracts directly to their organizers.

APS Policy

  • Authors of contributed abstracts are limited to one abstract (oral or poster) as first author.

  • The first author should always be the presenting author.

  • If more than one contributed abstract is submitted with the same first author, one abstract will be placed in a regular session and other abstracts may be rejected at the organizers' discretion.

  • Invited speakers may submit one contributed abstract as first author in addition to their invited abstract.

  • Speakers in minisymposia may not submit contributed abstracts as first author in addition to their minisymposium abstract.

To submit an abstract, you need:

  • name and ordering of authors
  • sorting category (see here for the list of categories)
  • abstract content

Test Submission

It may be useful to try a test submission before submitting the final abstract. Visit http://abstracts.aps.org, select 'Start Abstract Submission,' and then select 'TEST Meeting (IT05).' Follow the online instructions to create a practice abstract.

To submit an abstract to the 2011 DFD Meeting, select '64th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics' option and follow the instructions.

Poster Sessions

The meeting includes poster sessions (distinct from the Gallery of Fluid Motion) for authors who would like to submit a poster instead of an oral presentation. Select 'Poster' as 'Presentation type' when submitting your abstract.

One-half of an 8-foot wide by 4-foot high poster board (approximately 1.2 m x 1.2 m) and pushpins will be provided. For ease of set-up, entries should not be mounted on foam core.









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