Focus Sessions

Focus sessions are organized around a specific theme. Unlike Minisymposia, they consist of presentations of normal length (12 minutes), only some of which are solicited. To submit to a Focus Session, use the corresponding sorting category.


PIV Uncertainty

Monday, 10:30 am

Organizer: Pavlos Vlachos, Virginia Tech

Co-organizers: Ronald Adrian, Arizona State University; Barton Smith, Utah State University; Steve Wereley, Purdue University; and Jerry Westerweel, Delft University

The objective of this focus session is to stimulate discussion and contributions addressing the challenges of quantifying uncertainty in particle image velocimetry (PIV) experiments, and develop a framework for best experimental practices and reporting of measurement results. Papers are sought that address the uncertainty quantification and propagation from any one of the potential error sources inherent in a PIV experiment.


Evaporative Self-Assembly of Micro- and Nano-Particles

Tuesday, 12:50 pm

Organizer: Daniel Attinger, Iowa State University

Co-organizers: James Gilchrist, Lehigh University and Zhiqun Lin, Iowa State University

Papers are sought on evaporation-driven, flow-aided self-assembly of micro- and nano-particles. This multiphase, multiscale fluid dynamics problem includes evaporating droplets and convective deposition processes. These processes involve several issues commonly found in nature and industrial processes such as the behavior of evaporating wetting lines in the presence of particles, capillary instabilities, and flow-aided colloidal self-assembly. Fundamental studies focusing on these aspects in support of the recent growth in related applications such as manufacturing of biosensors and optical coatings with selective or enhanced transmittance are welcome.


Wind Energy Fluid Dynamics

Sunday, 8:00 am; Sunday, 2:10 pm; Monday, 8:00 am; Monday, 10:30 am

Organizer: John Dabiri, Caltech

Co-organizers: Charles Meneveau, Johns Hopkins University and Jonathan Naughton, University of Wyoming

The objective of this focus session is to expose attendees to a cross-section of fluids-related wind energy research, by introducing the fundamental unanswered questions in the field and by demonstrating the power of modern experimental and computational tools. Topics to be covered will include three-dimensional airfoil flow control, vortex-body interactions, turbulence structure and windfarm-atmosphere interactions.








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